Received a note regarding clearance of unused bicycles?

Have you received a note in the mailbox regarding clearance of unused bicycles in the property where you live?

On behalf of your property manager, we at CykelGaraget Velocraft AB will perform a clearence of bicycles in the property.

We remove abandoned and unused bicycles placed in bicycle rooms, external bicycle racks and in both internal and external public areas. This is to create a better order and well-being in the property for the residents.

Below is some information on how the clearance is carried out.

In order for us to be able to remove the bicycles that are abandoned, we need to know which bicycles who have an owner. That's why you have received an information letter in your mailbox.

We at CykelGaraget Velocraft AB will mark all bicycles with marking tags a few weeks before the cleaning take place so that all residents have the opportunity to remove the marking tag from the bicycles that are not abandoned. Estimated date for this is stated on the note you received in the mailbox.

About a week before the cleanup, we will send you a new reminder.

On the current day for the clearance, we collect all the bicycles where the marking tag still remains. We also remove locked bicycles that are marked. Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive compensation for cut-off locks if the owner of the bicycle is identified at a later time. The bicycles are carefully documented and transported to CykelGaraget, Velocraft AB's storehouse. We carry out a check with the police register of stolen bicycles to make sure that none of the bicycles are reported as stolen.

Within six months, the owner of a possibly removed bicycle, after identification of the bicycle and agreement on time, has the opportunity to pick up the bicycle.

After six months from the date when the bikes were cleared, the bikes will be recycled.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help to make bicycle clearance and recycling possible, which contributes to a more pleasant property and in freeing up space for the property's active cyclists.

Thank you for cycling!